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PURPOSE & AIMS: To create a liaison between our Black Brothers and Sisters throughout the globe, to collect and evaluate data on all deleterious conditions incumbent in all areas where minorities exist, and to compile information concerning the injustices that exist in the application of working conditions in the Fire Service, and implement action to correct them. To promote interracial progress throughout the Fire Service, and to see that competent Blacks are recruited and employed as fire fighters, where ever they reside, and to aid in motivating our Black Brothers and Sisters to seek advancement to elevated ranks throughout the Fire Service.


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Fire Chief Ale Milton Family Fundraiser

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Scald Awareness Week

Each year, over 450,000 burn injuries occur in the United States that are serious enough to require medical treatment.

Between 2007 and 2013, the proportion of burn center admissions due to scald burns increased from 29.8% to 33.7%.

Join us in the fight to prevent severe burn and scald injuries!


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Press Release- First Responders and Increased Violence in Seattle

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MyNorthwest: Seattle fire chief won't return to The Jungle without police backup

In the wake of a fatal shooting in South Seattle, the chief of the fire department won't let his firefighters and medics enter homeless encampments unless they have police to back them up.

"Last night, after the shooting, I issued a directive to the Seattle Fire Department that we are not going in these areas unless we have Seattle Police Department there to support us, for a fire call or a medical calls, because we know what's in there," said Seattle Fire Chief Harold Scoggins.

Scoggins addressed a room full of reporters along with Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole the day after five people were shot in The Jungle - an unauthorized homeless encampment. Scoggins said that areas like The Jungle can be very dangerous and pose other concerns.

The Fire Department will now take police escorts with them as they endeavor to inspect and assess The Jungle and other encampments in Seattle.

"We are trying to identify any public safety concerns," Scoggins said. "This is an area most people don't see. But the Seattle Fire Department and the Seattle Police Department go into there every day and we know it is a dangerous area."

Scoggins said that there are public health concerns within the encampments such as dirty needles used for drugs, human waste, and trash. That is one aspect the fire department will assess. But there are other aspects the department is now charged with inspecting.

"We want to look at the infrastructure tied to this area. Is there any illegal electricity? The parks department told us today the area is saturated with rain, so there is potential for a slide in the area. And we want to evaluate the structure of the freeway."

"Then we are trying to get an assessment of the number of people who actually live in and around this area, of the homeless population," he said. "Then we can look at the resources it would take to support the people in this environment."

Read the Full Story Here


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New Local 27 Hawks Sweatshirts in the Online Store!

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WA Post: D.C. settles long-running dispute with firefighters to pay overtime

By Ann E. Marimow

The District has settled a long-running lawsuit with city firefighters, agreeing to pay an estimated $45 million in back pay for overtime.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser signed off on the agreement Saturday with the head of the D.C. firefighters union.

The agreement covers more than 3,000 firefighters, according to the union president, and will award backpay dating to 2001. Beginning this month, the city also will pay time- and-a-half for those working more than 42 hours in a week.

"We have resolved overtime pay issues for the past, present, and future," Bowser said in a statement. "This settlement helps ensure that the hard-working men and women at DCFEMS are paid for the overtime that they have already worked and earned."

The agreement ends a 14-year dispute between the city and the DC Fire Fighters Association IAFF Local 36, which represents firefighters and emergency services personnel. The cost is expected to be covered through surplus revenue already set aside in the city's budget.

Union president Ed Smith thanked Bowser in a statement and said the settlement "means the world to the men and women who serve the District residents every day and night."

Full Article Here.


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Are you doing your part?

Brothers and Sisters,
Local 27 is fully engaged in the political process to protect and support you, your family, and public safety. Our American democratic process relies on citizens and organizations for elections and for governance. Local 27 informs and supports candidates and elected officials on all issues related to fire fighters and public safety including: health and safety, training, equipment, department policies, compensation, benefits, retirement, staffing, response times, service levels, hazards, etc.
Local 27, the WSCFF, and the IAFF rely on your voluntary financial contributions to fund these efforts.
Many members already do their part and contribute, but many still do not.
If you have not yet signed up for the Local 27 SAFEPAC or the WSCFF Fastpac, or the IAFF Firepac, please follow the link below to get started now. Thank you.

Kenny Stuart
Seattle Fire Fighters Union
IAFF Local 27


Local 27 Political Action Volunteer Form


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